Matchstick Monkey Original Monkey Teething Toy – Mint Green

Matchstick Monkey Original Monkey Teething Toy - Mint Green
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Fun, flexible and the perfect size for tiny hands, your little ones can chew to their heart's content while getting right to the source of the pain. Matchstick Monkey's textured bumps help soothe sore gums while the ergonomic shape help easily reach the back molars-which means no bitten fingers! Our Original Teething Toy has a long twirly tail, for even more places to chew, and comes in several fun colors! Made with FDA approved food-grade silicone; BPA-Free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly; Ergonomic design helps your baby develop motor skills from an early age; Lightweight and easy for little hands to hold; Flexible and gentle on sore gums and erupting teeth; Dishwasher safe and suitable for steam and cold-water sterilization; Fridge friendly for added cooling relief; Also serves as a pre-training toothbrush to help little ones get used to brushing their teeth; Textured bumps massage the gums gently; Helps reach and soothe back molars more easily without getting your fingers bitten; Height: 4.1";

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