Discover the Baby Teething Process

Discover the Baby Teething Process

When your baby starts teething, you can be sure you’ll know it right away. Most babies are born with 20 teeth below their gum line, just waiting to pop out just after the six month mark (back molars come in typically around 14-18 months). How much they are going to suffer through the baby teething process will vary from one little boy or girl, depending on their tolerance levels.

What To Expect

Baby teething is a fairly predictable process, as far as what teeth you can expect to see. The lower middle incisors will first show around 6 months (some earlier, some later) and the molars start soon after a baby’s first birthday. The canine teeth typically come between baby’s second or third birthday.

Be prepared for at least a few sleepless nights. Some parents are lucky enough to sneak through the process without, but at least preparing yourself for the possibility can make things less stressful for you and your spouse during those long nights.

Things That Can Help

While baby teething pain cannot be avoided, there are plenty of tried and true remedies that can ease them through their discomfort. Teethers are a must to have around and are very inexpensive. Have two or three, with a couple in the freezer during times when your baby’s teeth are really bothering them (cold really helps numb their pain). You can also count on chilled baby food, frozen carrots, or any cold object they can’t swallow.

Also talk to your baby and let them chew on your fingers if they need to. The pressure from chewing on a soft object helps to numb the gum area where pain exists. While it’s tempting to try over-the-counter pain relievers, try to avoid them, as they don’t last very long. Acetaminophen formulas for babies are a better alternative.

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